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Tina Ablikim

Professional Tutor

Tina is an educator and a performer. She completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she studied for seven years with the head of the music department Irina Semenovna. 

2017-2020 she worked as a piano teacher at the Russian State Pedagogical University for three years. 

Leading many preparatory students who are preparing to enter the conservatory of music to take the exam. 


Tina has performed in Helsinki Finland,Kiev Ukraine, Moscow,

St. Petersburg and other cities. In addition to solo piano, Tina is also good at chamber ensemble and music theory.

She performed three times as pianist with the St. Petersburg Orchestra in Russia.

Tina is an experienced educator. Her lessons are rigorous and also interesting. She will help students explore and find their own musical style, and lead students to solve various technical techniques. She will help students get closer to classical music at a spiritual level,move from music to culture to philosophy,  and analyze things in books into life.

Subject: Piano/Chamber Music/Music Theory

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