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Group Classes

Through our Solfege and musicianship classes, we help students understand the full range of knowledge in music theory and aural techniques to meet required ABRSM and Trinity standards, or NCEA and NZMEB standards. Students will discover musical language and context, enhancing their abilities of music expression when performing. To ensure a high ratio of personalised support, classes are a maximum of 6 students.

To find out more about enrolling in a group class, send us an enquiry. We’ll be in touch to find out more about you (or your child) and determine the best class fit.

Violin Class

String Ensemble Training

Our string ensemble is for performers of string instruments - including violin, viola, cello and bass - to learn and master skills while performing alongside peers. Led by a senior department tutor, you’ll enhance skills through listening, following, leadership, pitch and rhythm, accuracy and blend of sound. Our Ensemble is highly recommended for any musician who wants to gain experience in preparation for orchestral playing.

To find out more, send us an enquiry.

Piano Performance Class

Our weekly piano classes cater to piano students at every age and skill level. As a group class, students will be required to perform chosen pieces in front of their tutor and peers, while receiving guidance, feedback and analysis. Led by senior tutors, from time-to-time guest artists and music professors are also invited to lead classes.

To find out more, send us an enquiry.

Playing Piano

Senior Performance & Masterclass

Musicians from all disciplines above intermediate level are invited to participate in our senior performance and masterclass curriculum. Students will learn alongside peers with exceptional knowledge and guidance from renowned teachers, international guest artists and university professors. This is a unique opportunity to truly expand your musical potential under the guidance of industry-leading professionals.

To find out more, send us an enquiry.

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