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Classical Music

World-class music education

Start your journey or nurture your talents - wherever you or your child are at with your musical skills, we can support you in exploring and expanding your musical potential.

We offer both individual and group learning opportunities, and our professional teachers will customise lessons, catering methods, pace and material based on the individual needs and learning style of students.

Private Lessons

Either in-person or online, our individual lessons are designed to provide highly personalised tuition in your chosen musical discipline. You’ll work one-to-one with a professional, qualified teacher who will support you in reaching your musical aspirations, whether that is learning an instrument, achieving examination requirements or refining your skills for a professional career. Private lessons are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on instruments and learner level.

Violin Class
Music Class

Group Classes

Through our Solfege and musicianship classes, we help students understand the full range of knowledge in music theory and aural techniques to meet required ABRSM and Trinity standards, or NCEA and NZMEB standards. Students will discover musical language and context, enhancing their abilities of music expression when performing. To ensure a high ratio of personalised support, classes are a maximum of 6 students.

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