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Gregory Camp

Gregory Camp has taught at the University of Auckland School of Music since 2013, where he teaches a wide variety of topics in musicology, music theory, and musicianship. He is the school’s Director of Postgraduate Studies, and is also the artistic director of the University of Auckland Opera Workshop, for which he directs an opera production each year. His doctoral research, undertaken at the Queen’s College, Oxford, was on the modern performance history of the operas of Claudio Monteverdi; his current research focuses on film music of the 1950s. He has recently published two monographs with Routledge: Howard Hawks: Sonic Style in Film and Scoring the Hollywood Actor in the 1950s. Originally from Denver, Colorado, he currently sings in Voices New Zealand and in the University of Auckland Chamber Choir. He is Past President of the New Zealand Musicological Society. Current work includes chapters on community singing in Disney texts, the use of South Pacific musics at the Disney theme parks, and community in Monteverdi's Orfeo, and a textbook on linguistics for singers.

Guest Teacher

Subject: Musicology

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