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Yu Li

With a Bachelor of Music Studies degree from the esteemed Communication University of China and over two decades of experience studying and performing the oboe, Mr. Li Yu possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide aspiring musicians towards mastering this captivating instrument. His solid oboe playing skills, combined with a strong sense of teamwork and a high level of performance, make him an exceptional choice for anyone eager to learn and excel in the world of oboe music.


Mr. Li Yu has not only studied under a national-level oboe player but has also garnered national awards in the sphere of oboe music, attesting to their exceptional talent and dedication. Having served as the first oboe at renowned orchestras such as the Chongqing Philharmonic Orchestra in China and the Wellington Church Symphony Orchestra in Canada, Mr. Li Yu brings a wealth of professional experience and a deep understanding of orchestral dynamics to their teaching. With a commitment to fostering students' musical growth and a personalized approach to instruction, Mr. Li Yu creates a supportive and engaging learning environment, inspiring students of all levels to unlock the full potential of their musical abilities. Embark on a melodic journey and explore the enchanting world of the oboe with Mr. Li Yu as your guide.

Professional Tutor

Subject: Oboe

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