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Jiwon Kwon

Jiwon is a creative, warm, passionate violinist and teacher. Jiwon has played the violin since she was six years old. She was the concertmaster at Ei-Hyun Middle School and went to Gyeonggi Arts High School. She won first prizes at the Ye-eum Competition, the KCO Competition, and the Neo Musica Competition. Jiwon has been invited as the soloist at the Young Artist Concert in 2016 and 2017. She entered Sungshin Women's University at the top of her class and studied under Professor Ho-young Pi.

In 2018, Jiwon went to the Umberto Giordano Conservatorio in Italy as an exchange student, where she toured as a member of the Umberto Giordano Orchestra. Jiwon has participated masterclass from Oleksandr Semchuk. After returning to Korea, she played in the German Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival orchestra. Jiwon performed as a guest member of the KBS Symphony Orchestra and Mahlerian Orchestra.


Jiwon also has experience in psychology and education, she has been certified as a music psychologist in 2020 and has been granted certification as a culture and art education teacher in 2021. Since her graduation from University, she regularly performed with her ensemble at the Rayul Art Hall. Jiwon continued to work as an orchestra member at the Artel Philharmonic and played at Lotte Concert Hall and the Korea National Theatre. Jiwon is studying towards her master's degree at Auckland University.


Jiwon started teaching violin during her study at University. Her teaching experience includes positions at the Music DeForé Academy of Music in 2021. Jiwon's students have outstanding performances in local competitions and concerts.


Jiwon understands each student's temperament very well, and she plans and guides the curriculum accordingly. Ji-won is a thoughtful and passionate teacher who has a mission to communicate with each student and develop their musical skills.

Professional Tutor

Subject: Violin

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