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May Liang

May is a music teacher with expertise in piano and percussion.

Since her graduation from South China Normal University in 1999 with a Bachelor, she is committed to school and community teaching work.

May has played professionally with various orchestras and bands, including Guangzhou Youth Orchestra, University Stage Band, Modern Chinese Orchestra (1995-2003), West Auckland Orchestra (2017-2019) and Melody Band (2017-recent).


May is also a New Zealand-qualified ECE teacher with years of experience. She creates engaging music programs for children’s learning using her English, Mandarin, and Cantonese knowledge. May prioritises creating a safe, warm, and caring environment for students. She teaches children through storytelling and musical resources. May always responds to children’s needs and effectively solves their questions and problems. She believes music can develop a boost in language, motor, and social-emotional skills.

Junior Tutor

Subject: Piano

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